Felidra Review (2023) | Felidra Scam Shop?

Scams on the internet are all-encompassing which is why it is crucial to study websites prior to committing. Felidra for instance, provides a variety of jewellery items at reduced prices however, there are a number of warnings that are red on it.

We’re here to offer some insight If you’ve experienced any issues using this site, please submit your feedback to ensure that others are up to date.

Felidra reviews seeks to illuminate the typical tactics that scam websites employ. Instead of making direct purchases it’s a good idea to consider whether Felidra an Scam or legitimate? Are Felidra real or fake?

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Red Flags of Felidra

  • Duplicate Content is featured to create duplicate content on Felidrapages After reviewing the content with a plagiarism checker, it was discovered that the content found on this website isn’t unique.
  • The Owner Information is hidden: no one knows who is the owner of this store. Simply put the details about the owner isn’t disclosed. They are not transparent, and even burying their information within their WHOIS records.
  • The trap of low prices and discount on all products The website offers products with lower prices as well as sales on all items. A legitimate website does not offer discounts on every item with no reason.
  • A lack of a social media account A lack of a social media profile indicates that Felidraare is not committed to their work. They’re not here to conduct genuine business.

What is Felidra?

Felidra is an online store that offers various products at a discounted price. With a variety of e-commerce sites operating on the internet, taking care as well as conducting background check is crucial.

Specification of Felidra Reviews

A. Site NameFelidra

B. Email ID: …..

C. Company Address NA (as as per the information on the website)

D. Contact Number NA (as stated on the website)

E. Menu Category: Men, Women, Chain, Bracelets, Necklace.

F. Type of product: Felidra CLASSIC BANGLES, Felidra CLASSIC BANGLES DIAMENTE” NECKLACE “Felidra CLASSIC CUBAN” CHAIN and many more.


H. Policies on Shipping and Delivery: 7-21 days (as as stated on the site)–

I. Refund and Exchange Policies: 14 Days (as as per the information on the website)

J. Social media Links: They aren’t found anywhere on any social media site or app.

K. Website Registered on 12th September 2023

L. Maximum Discount OffersDiscounts to All the Products.

M. Customer Complaints: It’s an NEW website, however we did discover NEGATIVE reviews of this store on other sites.


Is Felidra Real or Fake?

If we say that a website is fake, we mean that we did not find anything unique and Felidra is one of them. It’s not a legitimate site that is able to conduct genuine business. We’ve published more than 10k fraudulent websites over the past four years. Yet, we have only just scratched the surface of an Iceberg.

Is Felidra Legit?

Felidra doesn’t constitute as a genuine site. Its legitimacy is based on the branding and ownership. This site isn’t a brand with any value at all. The people who are responsible for this site have not revealed their identities. They’re hiding, which is the largest warning sign of a fraudulent websites.

Is Felidra Scam?

The concept is easy to understand However, determining whether a website is an e-commerce scam can be difficult. A majority of fraudulent websites offer delivery services to their customers. Also, they deliver poor high-quality products. In the past, scam websites did not operate for a long period of time but their duration has grown.

Does it make sense to purchase items through Felidra?

The straightforward and simple answer is that there is no. This is because, firstly, they won’t ship the product for a long period of time in addition even if someone gets the package but the item is not authentic or genuine. A risky purchase on an untrusted website is not worth it simply because of the offers.

First Few Steps to do If you got Scammed by Felidra

  • If you believe you’ve been scammed, check out this post: What to do next if you’re scammed?
  • How Do You recover your money from scammers?
  • Get in touch with your financial institutionor bank ASAP If you made use of your credit card or debit card to make a payment and you are not satisfied, immediately contact your financial institution or bank and ask them to stop the transaction and return the money. Also, you should declare Felidra for being a scam website and ask for them to stop all future transactions.
  • Change your passwords immediately If you’ve created an account on Felidra and used a similar password to sign up for other accounts on the internet It is advised to immediately change your passwords. Also, if you are able you should enable two-factor authentication on your accounts. This will stop hackers from accessing your account and protect your personal information.
  • Beware of scam emails You could be contacted by Felidra or other companies which appear to be connected to your order, or offer discount coupons or even refunds.
  • But, these emails could be phishing schemes to trick you into clicking on harmful links or downloading attachments which can infect your device malware or take your data. Eliminating such emails and not opening attachments or links is recommended.
  • Use a content blocker: Content blockers can help in blocking malicious advertisements as well as Trojans, phishing as well as other undesirable web pages that aren’t identified by antivirus software on its own.


We don’t recommend this website due to the numerous warnings. This is not a safe site to shop on.

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