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{Updated} Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver: See Full Information On Her Missing Case

{Updated} Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver: See Full Information On Her Missing Case

Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver, The hunt to find Tracy Pickett, who had been missing since Tuesday ended tragically. Vancouver police have confirmed that they located the remains of Tracy Pickett in Vancouver's Southlands neighborhood on Thursday. Police from the Vancouver Police Department and the BC Coroners' Service are investigating the cause of death.

"At this stage of the investigation, Tracy's death does not appear to be the result of a crime and there is no public safety risk," VPD said in a statement released Thursday evening. The time she vanished Pickett was a doctor who was expert witnesses in the trial of a murder.

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Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver!

Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver, The Vancouver Police Department says they initiated an inquiry into the disappearance an elderly Dr. Tracy Pickett on Wednesday after relatives reported missing her at the Dunbar home. Police were searching around the Southlands neighborhood on Thursday when they found her body.

Missing Vancouver woman found dead

Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver, Vancouver police reported on Thursday that their investigation into the disappearance of a woman aged 55 was tragically ended. Families, friends and police were on the streets Thursday, searching Pacific Spirit Regional Park and the Dunbar area in search of Tracy Pickett. Pickett was a physician, had last been seen Tuesday as she appeared in court to testify her family members informed Global News.

In The End

To conclude this investigation In this article, we've provided the most accurate information on the investigation into the disappearance in the case of Tracy Pickett. It was sad to learn that the doctor had passed away longer alive as her corpse was discovered. We hope that the motive of her death will soon be determined by the authorities.

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