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[Latest News]Rina Palenkova Cuerpo: Details On Wachpeople Train Video

[Latest News]Rina Palenkova Cuerpo: Details On Wachpeople Train Video

Rina Palenkova Cuerpo, The Ertzaintza is investigating two other possible cases in the Basque Country and there are another six under study in Catalonia . So far, it has not been confirmed that behind the actions of these minors there is a "curator" or instigator who encouraged them to carry out this alleged viral challenge of 50 tests that ends with an incitement to suicide. According to Mossos sources, the spread of the game could have caused a contagion effect. Adolescents would be imitating behaviors seen after the spread of the phenomenon in the media and social networks. Fortunately, none of them made it to the end.

Rina Palenkova Cuerpo, In the case of María, the fictitious name of the mother of the teenager from Marbella, it was her relatives in Russia who told her about the "blue whale." There it hit the media in the spring of 2016, when the newspaper " Novaya Gazeta " published a report in which it was said that up to 130 minors could have committed suicide following the instructions of "death groups" formed on the social network. VKontakte (a Russian Facebook). “At least” 80 of the suicides, “Novaya Gazeta” claimed, were linked to the “blue whale” game. However, to date there is no officially recognized death in Russia that has to do with the "blue whale", according to Rafael Mañueco, ABC correspondent in Moscow.

Rina Palenkova Cuerpo, It has not even been possible to confirm that the macabre game was related to the death of Rina Palenkova , a teenager who took her life by jumping onto a train track after sharing a photo of herself on VKontakte. Rina's image shocked Russian society, especially teenagers who share suicidal thoughts on the internet. Her case was the trigger for the “blue whale” phenomenon. Rina "became the central figure of a strange cult group," says Snopes , a page specialized in debunking false information that has tracked the spread of this story without finding any evidence of suicides related to the game. Nor could the investigation carried out by Radio Free Europe confirm any case.