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Lefty Sm Wife: Check The All Information About Them

Lefty Sm Wife: Check The All Information About Them

This article uncovered "Lefty SM wife" and the causes of his death as well as more particulars about his life.

Did Mexican rapper Juan Carlos Sauceda die? What was the fate of Lefty SM? What happened to Lefty SM was killed in a young age? Mexican rapper Lefty SM's actual name was Juan Carlos Sauceda, his sudden death has left people in the United States and other nations deeply sad. Everyone is curious about Lefty SM's reason for his death. Go through this Lefty Sm Wife article for more details about his death, life story, and much more.

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Lefty SM, a Mexican Rapper Shot Dead

Lefty SM was a Mexican rapper, was killed during Jalisco Zapopan in Mexico. Lefty SM's true name is Juan Carlos Sauceda. He is 31 years old. young. The sudden loss of his life at such a young age brings everyone into profound grief.

Mexican rapper's death was confirmed on September 3rd, 2023 via Alzada Records. The Alzada Records label said that Lefty SM may have died from the Mexican state of Zapopan, Jalisco. His sudden death has put his family members and wife into sorrow.

Lefty SM Wikipedia

Lefty SM was a collaborator with many artists. Lefty His home is located in San Luis Rio Colorado Mexico. Lefty was born the 22nd of April 1992. He was 31 at the time of his death. Lefty SM's real initial name isJuan Carlos Sauceda. He was born in Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Lefty SM was believed to have been got married with Maria Isabel.

Lefty was an Mexican and adhered to the Christianity religion. He was a well-known musician in Mexico. He is tall at 5'10", and his weight is 70kg. Continue reading to find out the biography of LeftySM .

Lefty The girlfriend of SM

Lefty S's partner is Ezy Mary. They have one daughter. Lefty SM is one of the Mexican rapper, was shot dead in Jalisco on September 2nd, 2023. In addition, he was a victim of a robbery which ended in Lefty SM's death following being shot. The incident occurred at his residence located in Zapopan in the La Cima neighborhood.

He has collaborated with many artists like Mr. Capone E, Toser One, Santa Fe Klan, Santa RM as well as Gera MX, McKlopedia. Lefty SM has however yet to have his own Wikipedia page. Lefty SM Dead shot dead makes everyone sorrowful.

Lefty SM's Family

Lefty SM's parents reside located in San Luis Rio Colorado, and Sonora, Mexico. There are no information regarding his parents via social media. Lefty SM was reported to have been engaged to Maria Isabel. Maria Isabel has been Lefty S's wife. With prayers and love, Maria Isabel and Lefty SM have two daughters. Alzada Records confirmed the Hip-hop musician's tragic death via social media.

According to sources, prior to his getting married to Maria Isabel, the rapper Lefty SM was involved to Eza Mary. Eza Mary is his girlfriend, as and model.

Is Lefty SM Died?

Yes. Lefty SM passed away on September 3, 2023. Lefty SM was popular in the year 2017. He collaborated with companies like Luis R Conriquez, C-Kan, MC Davo, Santa Fe Klan, Dharius, Carin Leon, Neto Pena, and El Komander. Lefty SM's hip-hop track titled Soy Mexicano is one of the most popular hit songs.

The 20th July 2023 release has racked up one million viewers. Lefty is a YouTuber with 2.7M fans on his channel and on various other social media sites. However, his SM death, Leftymakes his followers feel grief and sadness.

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Lefty SM The 31-year old popular Mexican rapper was shot dead and buried on the 3rd of September, 2023. He was a collaborator with many artists and recorded numerous albums. The entire family and followers were sad but his songs didn't die. Follow this link for the complete details on The Lefty and the way Lefty SM passed away .

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