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Video Susanne Daubner: (2023) bringt Humor in bite the dust Live-√úbertragung Reddit, Twitter, Instagram

Video Susanne Daubner: (2023) bringt Humor in bite the dust Live-Übertragung Reddit, Twitter, Instagram

The Video Susanne Daubner brings an unexpected touch of humor to the world of live broadcasts.

Pass on experienced news anchor, known for her serious reporting, was surprised on a live broadcast by Sven Lorig, a humorous colleague. The staged event not only made Video Susanne Daubner, but also an unexpected lightness in the serious atmosphere of the news.


Susanne Daubner, an outstanding personality in German television broadcasting, has earned a permanent place for herself as an experienced journalist and news anchor. Born on July 16, 1959 in Bavaria, Germany, she made a name for herself with her calm demeanor and succinct presence and is best known for her contributions to the respected news program "Tagesschau".

Daubner's journey into the world of media began with a deep passion for storytelling and a strong interest in current events. Her unwavering dedication led her to pursue a degree in journalism, which laid the foundation for a remarkable career. Over the years, she has not only reported on significant events, but has also established herself as a trusted voice, delivering news to millions of viewers across Germany.

Description of the incident during a live broadcast

General background of the live broadcast: The general context of the live broadcast was characterized by the usual seriousness and topicality that comes with news broadcasts. Pass on viewers expected, as usual, precise and factual reporting on current events.

Influence of Sven Lorig's humorous interlude: In this special Circumstance, Sven Lorig, a colleague known for his humor, brought an unexpected and humorous touch to the broadcast. Be it through a cleverly placed remark or a humorous gesture, his influence brought an unexpected twist to the atmosphere of the show.

Susanne Daubner's reaction

Her spontaneous laugh: Pass on experienced news anchor Susanne Daubner, who is usually known for her serious presentation, could not suppress a spontaneous laugh in the face of Sven Lorig's humorous interlude. This unexpected laughter broke the usual seriousness of a newscast and gave the atmosphere an unexpected lightness.

Her professional handling of the circumstance: Despite the unexpected incident, Susanne Daubner demonstrated impressive professionalism. In a moment she collected herself, stopped laughing, and returned to her role as a news presenter. She maintained her usual seriousness and made it clear that she is able to maintain control even in unforeseen moments.

Statements by Susanne Daubner about the sanctum incident: In subsequent statements regarding the incident in the "Video Susanne Daubner" she admitted that she heard Sven Lorig behind her and thought: "Goodness my God, I'm already on the air." Her laughter was unavoidable in this second. This openness to the unpredictability of live broadcasts underlines the humanity behind the professional facade.