{Updated} South Carolina Girl Video: Actually look at Subtleties Of Viral Video From Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Message, And Twitter

The South Carolina Girl Video article examined a dubious video of a young lady who professes to learn at USC.

Do you are familiar a new popular video of a young lady professing to be an understudy at USC? How did she respond? Assuming that you are keen on this point’s subtleties, follow this article on South Carolina Girl Video. Individuals from Brazil, Mexico, and the US are interested to know current realities about a young lady who involved hostile words for one more young lady in a video.

Subtleties On The Point

A video got viral on various virtual entertainment stages in the previous week. The young lady is named Jamie Lynn Scott, and guaranteeing she is a South Carolina college understudy. She initially utilized a few racial comments against an individual of color, and afterward she was mediated by a young lady, who was likewise dark and the individual who recorded the viral video.

Disclaimer: We don’t advance such sort of act. We are not accusing anybody. We are simply giving data in light of online sources.

In this video that got well known on Youtube, Jamie Lynn likewise involved the ‘awful words for the young lady who asked her name. Lynn utilized solid, cruel, racial and inadmissible words for the person of color and their local area. She likewise gloated about her adherents via web-based entertainment. She professed to go to the lofty College of South Carolina.

Reaction From Individuals And Specialists

When the video became a web sensation, individuals started examining this point via online entertainment. Individuals attacked her for utilizing such remarks and showing such contempt. The video initially got viral on Tiktok and got a large number of perspectives.

After some time, renowned forces to be reckoned with began discussing this occurrence, which brought to the information on the College. They answered from their authority Twitter handle that she was not an understudy at their College. Then, at that point, individuals figured she should go to the Specialized South Carolina school. After some time, they likewise denied and posted a tweet in light of the cases. She is a renowned online entertainment powerhouse with in excess of 10000 supporters.

Subtleties on Instagram Record And Other Data

She has in excess of 19000 devotees, has 141 posts, and follows 520 individuals on the organization. She portrayed herself as an individual of note, and it is the main record she has. As indicated by her photographs, she seems to be a school going young lady. She likewise has a tattoo.

Numerous virtual entertainment powerhouses, including ‘Tizzyent’, have discussed her. He referenced insights regarding Jamie in his video. He made sense of the entire circumstance. That video is accessible on Twitter.


The article examined a moving video. It incorporated a school going young lady who began to utilize slanderous comments about an individual of color. And afterward, she beginning involving hostile words for an individual of color who recorded her video. She gloated about being renowned via web-based entertainment and going to an esteemed school. Later the school declined her cases. Peruse the Focal Carolina Specialized School’s explanation here.

Do you are familiar this occurrence? What is your take? If it’s not too much trouble, remark beneath.

Refreshes Viral On Reddit About The Occurrence: FAQs

1: What’s going on with the video?

A young lady utilized racial and hostile remarks on an individual of color and a young lady.

2: Who is the young lady who involved hostile words for an individual of color and dark a young lady?

She is Jamie Lynn Scott. She is an undergrad and web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with.

3: Which school did she profess to go to in the video?

She said that she is an understudy at USC. That represents the College of South Carolina.

4: Would she say she is an understudy at the College Of South Carolina?

No, the College declined her cases.

5: Is the video accessible on Wire?

Indeed, the video is accessible on each virtual entertainment channel.

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